Pro Tips for Getting the Most out of Your 20M3 Hook Lift Bin Hire

24 October 2022

Let’s cut to the chase: hiring a skip bin doesn’t come cheap. We are aware of it, and if you have been calling about prices, you are most likely aware of it.

The majority of individuals are unaware of the reasons behind the high pricing. Here are some expert pointers to help you get the most out of the 20M3 hook lift bin you rent.

Work Wisely, Not Hardly

Before you begin putting things in the 20M3 hook lift bin you rent, you should consider how to maximise the area. Should they be placed horizontally across the bottom, vertically across the top, or standing up against the back of the bin (yes, we take mattresses, and there is no additional price for doing so)? Is it possible that you could fill up the minor holes with small bits and pieces (such as toys, table legs, little bags of garbage, etc.) as you move along? Do you have any empty boxes? They should be smashed down first. Glass? To prevent someone from injuring themselves while throwing it away, wrap it in discarded pieces of clothes beforehand. Make sure you have assistance, and under no circumstances should you attempt to toss something large or heavy by yourself. Because, when it comes down to it, what else are children and teenagers good for if not for the occasional stint of child labour? This brings us to a crucial reminder before we go on to the following point: always be sure you wear gloves. Believe us when we say that splinters are not easy to remove and are also a nuisance. In addition, you do not want the children to make this reason an excuse for not pitching in to help. You’ll be able to thank us for that one in the future.

Timing is Crucial

There is nothing more aggravating than making a reservation for a skip bin to discover that nobody is present to assist you in filling it or that the weather is unfavourable. Before you rent the dumpster, make sure you have people who can assist you available. Even though it was pouring rain, filling a bin with trash would still be possible, but doing so would be a terrible experience. In addition, damp weather implies that the ground will be slick, which increases the risk of injury. Before you hire a bin, it is highly recommended that you check the weather forecast in advance. Are you seeing the bin getting full quickly, or am I the only one? If you believe you require an additional bin immediately, call the company from which you rented the bins and let them know as soon as possible. Therefore, if the circumstances are favourable, they will change the bin for you to keep moving forwards without any interruptions.

Cut Them Down

Before putting anything in the trash can, you should disassemble any cabinets, bed frames, bookshelves, or other items constructed from many parts. You’ll be shocked to see how much more you can cram there!

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