Differences Between Cleaning Services and 20M3 Hook Lift Bins for Rubbish Removal

07 March 2023

Proper rubbish removal must be carried out in every building. Without doing this task properly, building occupants may gradually complain about the odour generated by the waste. Some may even get sick, especially if they are exposed to waste for a long time. Scattered waste products could even hinder visitors from visiting the property effectively.

Property owners like you have two options for carrying out rubbish removal. The first option is to rely on cleaning services to get rid of your waste. The second option is to invest in a lift bin.

The Convenience of Cleaning Services 

Cleaning services can be carried out by professionals who may come from a reputable company. These services aim to take away waste or rubbish in a select schedule and frequency. They would often bring in cleaning tools and products to effectively get rid of dirt, dust, and waste.

Professionals who are conducting these services can provide so much convenience to you and building occupants. Since they already have all the necessary products and tools in cleaning your property, you do not have to worry about discarding waste and rubbish. Their knowledge and experience likewise allow them to come up with a plan to remove your waste without generating issues that may be dangerous to everyone.

Once they come in, you can expect significant savings in terms of time and money since you do not have to deal with dirty elements. You can also expect your surroundings to be sanitised, which protects you and others from getting sick.

Lift Bins for Hire are Getting Popular

Lift bins for hire, alternatively, is a great option for those who might want to collect their waste altogether before placing them on lift bins. You see, cleaning professionals may have all the tools needed to wipe, sanitise, and clean your surfaces. However, they do not have the time to remove all waste elements regularly. They also have to cater to other property owners who have opted and requested for their services.

Hiring lift bins can be a great way to get rid of the waste on your property regularly, especially if they accumulate very quickly. As you and other occupants collect all waste and place them in bags. The bags can then go to the lift bin, which will then be collected by professionals who will be roaming around areas at a specific time.

One primary benefit of lift bins is they are convenient. Whenever you and others want to discard your collected waste, the only thing you must do is approach them and put the waste bag inside. Of course, you should still know the things you can and cannot discard on the lift bins to avoid any issues in the long run. Most of the time, products containing strong chemicals like paint, liquids, and others should not be placed in these bins.

Advantages of 20M3 Hook Lift Bins

At NM Wastewise, we specialise in offering 20M3 hook lift bins to clients. We allow you and others to get rid of timbers, plastic, pallets, furniture, cardboard, demolition wastes, metals, small machinery, vegetation, odd-sized wastes, and bulk goods as long as they have lengths of up to 5.5 meters long and up to 6 tons maximum weight. Take note that we do not transport or get rid of food waste. The bulky specification of these bins allows removing your bulky waste without any issues. These bins can even be used for recycling purposes.

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