20M3 Bins


We Offer 20M3 Hook Lift Bins for Hire for Efficient Transport and Waste Disposal

The 20M3 Hook Lift Bins for Hire offer various benefits for your every use. With proper transport and waste management, we can all do our part for our environment. Efficient waste disposal could work wonders, limiting the amount of junk that reaches landfills.

For easier and more convenient waste disposal, you can count on 20M3 hook lift bins for hire.

They can be used for end-to-end transport. This means that your bin can be delivered to your worksite. You can load up to 5 tons of product (which doesn’t necessarily have to be fragile products) that can be delivered to point A to point B. Our hourly rate starts from $80/hour.

20M3 Hook Lift Bins for Hire for Large Volumes of Waste

If you are having trouble disposing of large volumes of waste, rest assured that NM Wastewise has got you covered. Our 20M3 hook lift bins are good for household cleanups, timber, plastics, cardboard, metals, unwanted office furniture, unwanted goods/out-of-stock products, and vegetation. And what’s ideal about these bins is the fact that they are also good for bulky and large unusually shaped waste materials. That way, there won’t be piles of rubbish building up around your area. You won’t have to worry about how you will get rid of large amounts of rubbish or that things might get too messy.

Aside from that, 20M3 hook lift bins are also equipped to transport empty pallets or timber. You can use them for collection or recycling. Untreated timber can be processed for agricultural use as an organic recyclable that provides nutritive value for soil improvement and plant growth. Meanwhile, chipped or shredded ones can be utilised as furnace fuel stock due to their high calorific value and can be blended and bagged into various compost mixes.

Discounted prices for warehouses and factories that do frequent 20M3 bin changeover (weekly/fortnightly). 

For enquiries about 20M3 hook lift bins and our waste management services, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Our office is located at Rooty Hill, New South Wales, Australia. You may reach us through the following numbers 0433 925 258 (Neville), 0419 125 680 (Graeme), and 0404 670 410 (Brad).

You can also send us an email at info@nmwastewise.com.au or simply fill out our Enquiry Form.

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If bins weigh into next level/on tipping that bin.

The price will move to the weight price range.

And difference paid by customer on adjusted invoice.