Maximise Waste Disposal Efficiency in Demolition Projects with 20M3 Bins from NM Wastewise

26 October 2021

Demolition sites tend to produce a lot of waste and debris. Current legislation and regulations require sites to practice proper waste management to encourage recycling and other practices that will protect the environment. This has led to the creation of different waste management tools such as 20M3 bins.

20M3s Bins for Demolition Projects

20M3 bins are more preferred to be used during demolition jobs since they are a more secure choice as compared to traditional 20M3 bins. They are completely enclosed and have access doors so the waste materials can be loaded manually. They protect the waste from being contaminated by water and other materials, a feature that is advantageous if the wastes are to be recycled. They are usually used on sites that are environmentally sensitive and where natural factors such as wind may become a problem.

20M3 bins prevent the lightweight waste materials from being misplaced due to the strong force of the wind. They are also ideally used in places where there are high chances of unauthorised access. The lockable feature of these 20M3 bins significantly reduces material theft. It can also be utilised for the storage of hazardous materials such as bonded asbestos, provided that arrangements are made with an authorised waste carrier.

Convenient Waste Disposal

There are countless ways 20M3 bins can help dispose of unwanted items easily and conveniently, including during demolitions and strip-outs. When you want to refurbish, renovate, or completely demolish your home, kitchen, bathroom, or office, we’ve got you covered. 20M3 bins offer quick and safe rubbish disposal for demolition and strip-out waste. This way, you can focus on more important matters, such as the project and its results.

NM Wastewise 20M3 Bins

Our 20M3 bins are good for household cleanups, timber, plastics, cardboard, metals, unwanted office furniture, unwanted goods/out-of-stock products, and vegetation. And what’s ideal about these bins is the fact that they are also good for bulky and large, unusually shaped, waste materials. That way, there won’t be piles of rubbish building up around your area. You won’t have to worry about how you will get rid of large amounts of rubbish or that things might get too messy.

Aside from that, 20M3 bins are also equipped to transport empty pallets or timber. You can use them for collection or recycling. Untreated timber can be processed for agricultural use as an organic recyclable that provides nutritive value for soil improvement and plant growth. Meanwhile, chipped or shredded ones can be utilised as furnace fuel stock due to their high calorific value and can be blended and bagged into various compost mixes.

The 20M3 Bins for hire offer various benefits for your every use. With proper waste management, we can all do our part for our environment. Efficient waste disposal could work wonders, limiting the amount of junk that reaches landfills. For easier and more convenient waste disposal, you can count on 20M3 bins for hire. They can be used for end-to-end transport. This means that your bin can be delivered to your worksite.

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