Harmful Effects of Green Waste and Why Hire 20M3 Hook Lift Bins to Remove Them?

08 April 2022

In the majority of homes today, organic green waste is a significant percentage of our discarded rubbish. Whether it comes from the garden or the kitchen, there is a daily accumulation of this type of natural trash. Green waste can be put to use as a biofuel or combined with sewage for safer disposal. This renewable green waste is commonly used to create compost.

Although burning green waste is never a good idea, this practice is common today among waste removal agencies. This natural form of refuse is quite flammable and easy to dispose of by burning. Yet whether we burn this natural waste material in our backyards or it is burned at a landfill site, this practice can have an unhealthy effect.

What Makes Green Waste Hazardous When Burned?

Hazardous effects caused by burning green waste include the following:

• Hazardous to Our Health and Safety. When green waste is burned, the smoke that rises into the air is unhealthy for children and individuals with respiratory conditions. It can cause asthma and panic attacks. The flames release toxic chemicals and fumes like dioxins, which can cause symptoms of ill health in people of all ages.

If this smoke is inhaled over time, it may result in the development of cancer, liver failure, rashes and skin allergies. Uncontrollable fires and explosions have also resulted from the burning of green waste. This usually occurs when a flammable material like oil is mixed with green waste.

• Harmful for the Environment. Burning green waste causes air, water and land pollution. Ash that is produced from the burning of this organic refuse may end up in landfills or water supplies. Groundwater has been adversely affected at locations where this burning occurs frequently.

Green waste burning can also release greenhouse gases into the environment, such as carbon dioxide and methane. These resulting chemicals can bind with the current ozone layer of our atmosphere, encouraging climate change.

• Weakening Effect on Vulnerable Economies. When countries and localities practice uncontrolled green waste burning, their economies are eventually harmed. Along with causing air pollution as a serious health hazard, this burning of organic waste can result in large-scale fires that may destroy entire forests and fields of crops. These economies must then deal with the cost of such drastic losses.

How Using 20M3 Hook Lift Bins Can Help Remedy This Situation

Fortunately, companies and concerned groups and individuals in both developed and developing countries are promoting the use of eco-friendly methods of green waste disposal. Recycling, repurposing and rebuilding are also being used throughout the world today to help avoid harmful pollution that is generated by burning green waste.

A rapidly growing number of companies and large apartment complexes are now hiring the use of 20M3 hook lift bins from professional hook bin services. This option enables communities and commercial buildings to safely dispose of green waste in a more reasonable, safe and environmentally acceptable way.

By contacting our experts at NM Wastewise located in Rooty Hill, NSW, you can obtain top-rated information and advice concerning the harmful effects of green waste burning and why hiring 20M3 hook lift bins can help alleviate this problem. Our experienced team will ensure that you are fully informed about all of the aspects and hazards of burning green waste.

They will also ensure that you understand the importance of helping in the widespread effort to use eco-friendly techniques to rid communities and countries of excess green waste.

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