Essential Information About The Functions of Hook Lift Bins

09 August 2022

You can hire either a conventional lift bin or a hook bin when making your decision between the two types of bins to use for lifting. On the other hand, if you’re anything like us before we got into the hook lift bin game, you could assume that every bin is the same. It would appear not. To make things simpler for you, the following information regarding hook lift bins is provided in its entirety.

Let’s get the fundamentals out of the way first. What does the term “hook lift bin” refer to? Or, how about a trashcan with a hook lift instead?

How Hook Lift Bins Work

When the hook lift bins are delivered to your location, they are very literally lifted off the truck by a hook. And yes, this does imply that they need a significant amount of clearing room! If you plan on having a hook bin brought to your location, you will need a space that is 15 metres in length and around 6 metres in height.

Why is it so big? Putting the unloading procedure to the side for a moment, hook bins are significantly larger than standard skip bins. Hook bins ranging from 10 to 20 metres in length are available from NM Wastewise Pty Ltd. These bins may be utilised for any type of trash. Hook bins are typically seen on major works and construction sites because of their increased capacity. These tasks and sites include high-rise buildings, office and shop fit-outs, and potentially even a double-story house clean-out.

Key Differences Between Regular Skips and Hook Lift Bins

Sloping walls are seen in regular skip bins, but straight walls are found in hook lift bins. Because the walls are straight, you can simply stack old sheets or other materials in the hook bin without worrying about the inclined walls.

Access doors are the next item on the agenda. Hook bins, in contrast to some smaller dumpsters, include a ramp that can accommodate a wheelbarrow for easy access. Large and heavy things may be stacked and arranged for maximum space in the skip’s full-access door. Instead of relying on the game of Tetris to sort itself out in your favour, you may use strategy to your benefit. Stacking carefully might result in a greater capacity for waste disposal, as you maximise the available area.

Best Hook Lift Bin Size to Consider

It’s a good idea to start by making a list of all the bulkiest things you’ll be getting rid of. Take into account how long it will take you to disassemble these bulky products. It is possible to condense green garbage because it is light and won’t exceed the weight limit. Once they’ve been broken down, large goods may also be stored more compactly and cleanly.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk and go big. A second bin is sometimes required because customers misjudge the size of the skip they need. Because you’re paying for transportation twice, this gets more expensive. Customers who opt for larger containers do so because they can easily fill them because there is always more stuff lying about that you no longer require and because doing so makes you feel lighter!

In Sydney, NM Wastewise Pty Ltd is a trash management services firm that specialises in the rental of 20M3 hook lift bins. When you give us a call, we’ll tell you more about our hook-lift bins.

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