20M3 Hook Lift Bins for Hire for Efficient Transport and Disposal of Demolition Wastes

10 May 2022

When you hire 20M3 hook lift bins for the transport and disposal of demolition wastes, you are using a safe, secure and efficient waste disposal method. The hook lift system is specifically designed to handle large-volume or bulky waste that is not compactable.

These large bins are intended for use in collecting and disposing of waste at all sizes and types of demolition sites, from the sites of small to medium-size enterprises to large, corporate sites.

Safe, Efficient Disposal of Demolition Wastes Using 20M3 Hook Lift Bins

There are three basic steps to the safe and efficient collection, transport and disposal of demolition wastes using modern 20M3 hook lift bins. These three steps are the following:

1. Hook Bin Delivery. A clean, empty bin is delivered to a site. This is accomplished by reversing and raising the bin into the air and placing the bin back on the floor or ground. As the truck moves forward, the bin is lowered onto the floor or ground with limited movement.

2. Hook Bin Collection. An empty hook bin is positioned on the ground by the full bin that needs replacing. The full bin is then hauled safely onto the back of the truck.

3. Hook Bin Waste Disposal. After transport to a material recovery location or a secondary recycling facility, the hook bin waste is tipped out for disposal or recycling.

Main Benefits of Using 20M3 Hook Lift Bins for Demolition Waste Disposal

The main benefits gained by using 20M3 hook lift bins for waste removal and disposal from demolition sites include the following:

• Cost-Effective Waste Management.
The 20M3 hook bin system prevents the need for the double handling of waste material.

• Versatile Waste Disposal Method. The hook bin system is suitable for the removal and disposal of large-volume or lighter-load commercial demolition waste. It is designed to handle the transport and disposal of large-volume materials like metal, wood, concrete or soil that are not compactable. Hook bins vary in size from 10M3 to 30M3, and the 20M3 size is frequently requested. This system is versatile and quite durable.

• Large Rear Door Bin Designs. 20M3 hook bins with large rear doors ensure easy access for forklifts or bobcats when removing bulk waste for disposal.

• Easy Waste-Stream Deposits. Streams of waste can be easily and securely deposited into these hook bins by chute, conveyor, crane or by hand.

• Waste Audits and Reports Provided. Waste evaluations, audits and reports can be generated to determine whether your waste targets are being met while adhering to environmental regulations.

By contacting our experts at NM Wastewise located in Rooty Hill, New South Wales, you can obtain top-rated information and advice concerning the use of 20M3 hook lift bins. Our professionals will explain all aspects of the use of this hook bin system for the efficient transport and disposal of demolition wastes.

They will guide you in scheduling the delivery and placement of one or multiple 20M3 hook bins at your commercial demolition site. Our experienced team will ensure that your use of our hook bins will completely satisfy your every need for the collection, transport and disposal of your demolition wastes.

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